Founded at the end of the Sixties, the Research and Studies Center of Administrative Science CERSA has the role of studying of the administrative phenomena on all the levels: national, regional and international and in all their dimensions from legal to history to sociological.


The CERSA is a mixed unit of research - UMR 7106 - placed under the double supervision of the University the Pantheon-Assas and of the National centre of the Scientific research (CNRS) CERSA is a research unit depending on the department on the Man and Société of CNRS and is attached on the administrative level to the Paris Delegation.


In addition to the participation of a whole of teachers and researchers associated with the unit, the CERSA counts 11 associated research professors, 12 researchers CNRS, 2 researchers, 6 ITA CNRS, 1 IATOS State education and 26 doctorands and post-doctorands.


The research program includes/understands six priority research orientations around whose more precise topics of research are structured. A database bibliographical of administrative science ADMINISTRAL the CERSA manages the only database bibliographical of French-speaking administrative science existing in the Administral world is on line. It is possible to consult it in its entirety with the CERSA. The CERSA places at the disposal of the researchers and the students (Masters and PhD students) It comprises 6.500 works and more than 56 French and foreign periodicals The establishment of the unit street Thénard allowed the installation of a room of reading equipped with powerful computer material for research.